Roses Put-Abouts

Brooke's Put-Abouts were designed for just what the name implies….to "put them about" your home. The size is a precise 6 ½" x 12" and when framed they angle back just as a framed picture would. They sit perfectly on a sofa or library table. They are electrified with a 12 Volt system which includes interior and lights and lighting "outside" the window. As in the case of my large custom rooms, each room is an original and executed totally by hand (Formerly Brooke's hand, now Judy's hand). We have tried to keep the price to a more affordable level which will open up the possibility for the average collector to own a Brooke Tucker Original room.

Most of the Put-Abouts are priced at $2500 plus crating and shipping, but some are slightly higher if more expensive artists' accessories have been used (such as the Little Girl's Room or the Dressing Room which was priced higher as it included a large Rosel chandelier, a lovely Valerie Stokes floral and a Robert Olszewski piece). I have tried to use one or two accessories from well known artists in each room. Each frame is custom made for the piece upon completion. (Larger Put-About "Seniors" which are priced at $2800 - $2900 are not available right now. Keep checking the website for news.)

I am somewhat backed up on large room orders. I plan to do more Put-Abouts for shows beginning mid-2007. The Brooke Put-Abouts shown here are all sold, but are shown to give you and an idea. If you are interested in my creating a Put-About for you, let me know. I can either put you on the waiting list or inform you when a piece is done for a show.


New! "Senior" Put-Abouts (1" deeper & 4" wider)

Poodle Lover's Fancy

John's N.Z. Retreat

Put-About 1
Dog Lover's Den
Put-About 8
Dusty pink dressing room
Put-About 2
Little Girl's Room
Put-About 9
Aqua & Cream
Put-About 3
Art Deco with sleigh bed
Put-About 10
Put-About 4
Quiet Corner
Put-About 11
Wall Aquarium Room
Put-About 5
The "Happy" room with Zuber mural
Put-About 12
Writing Nook
Put-About 6
Masculine with leather couch
Put-About 13
Gentlemen's Corner
Put-About 7
The French with Zuber mural
Put-About 14
Cozy Corner
Put-About 15 "Fashion Plates" Dressing Room



Due to the fact that my Put-Abouts are custom pieces, you will need to get in touch with me so we can discuss your preferences or what you might have in mind (color, theme, etc.). Write or email me (be sure to include your phone number so I can call you) and let's talk!

Judy Kincaid
Brooke Tucker Originals
646 Alvarado Row
Stanford, CA 94305


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